Millstone Hill

Route Map
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Meeting Place
Don Veiw Car Park (marked as 'Primary Location' on above).

Trail Description
From car park you immediate start on a long climb of firetrack. After that more firetrack up and down to the first decent of single track, at this point you start to wonder why you do this ride, if you are not a fan of firetrack. However the this question is soon answered with a brilliant technical, rooty, long single track. All Neeps seem to like this single track, and worth the detour from Milestone to capture it. After this decent, more firetrack to the base of the climb up Milestone. The accent starts with forest path with walkers steps obsticles. Out of the trees it is all Ok riding with fun north shore sectionsbridging over the heather. At the top of Milestone the views are great. The decent from this point leads all the way to car park, about 20 minutes decent (depending how quickly you going of course). There is a short first part that is grade Black/Orange but many Neeps do it or at least attempt it. As this part is only short, the overall grade is Red. The rest of the decent is fun and fast all the way to the car park, and the climb at the beginning is a distant memory.

Red (descent has black sections)

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