Route Map
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Meeting Place
Rowan Tree Car Park (marked as the 'Primary Location' on above).
Or, Bennachie Centre Car Park (marked as the 'Bennachie Centre' on above).

Trail Description
There are various routes over the Bennachie group of hills which can be tailored according to skill and fitness levels. The route on the map starts at the Rowantree carpark on the northeast of Bennachie. Leaving the car park, the path climbs up an enclosed rock gully before opening out onto the hillside. From here it climbs up towards Mither Tap along the Maiden Causeway, over excellent sections of rock slab and newly laid hardpack. Skirting the Mither Tap peak itself, the route drops down the back of the hill down steep stone stairs and over drainage ditches. Picking up the Gordon Way at the base of the descent, a climb takes you back up to Oxen Craig with fantastic views. From here you drop on kitty litter double track off the hill and into the forest. Swoopy trails take you into the forest with small drop steps to keep you interested. Reaching the very bottom of Oxen Craig, you must then face a steep and steady climb back up onto the hill top. The last section gets narrow and over grown but the rewards are great for the final section of the ride. Again picking up part of the Gordon way, you make your way round up onto the plateau between Oxen Craig and Mither Tap. Climbing up to the Grouse Butts you then link back onto the Maiden Causeway for an outstanding descent all the way to the car park watching out for walkers on the path.


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