Loch Muick

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Meeting Place
Meet at the main Loch Muick Car Park (marked as the 'Primary Location' on MTBtrails.info above).

Trail Description
Usually an annual ride for the Neeps in the spring or summer. When the sun is out the views are hard to beat. Various different routes have been tried; the recommend route is shown on the route map. The start of the ride is reasonablely flat until you have your first full view of Loch Muich at which point you turn left up a long Landrover track climb. After this climb the route is up and down until you are looking down into Glen Clova and at the start of one of the longest and best single tracks. The decent consists of swooping single track, no big drops but not smooth and requires concentration at speed. The final piece of the decent is through a forest, less challenging but still fun. You’ll finish with a smile but want to do it again without climbing back up to the top. Easy cycle through Glen Cover progressing in difficulty, and finishing with carrying the bikes to come out of the Glen. Once at the top, an easy ride to the top of the ‘Lightening Strike’ single track. Great fun decent but high probability of at least one of your group getting a flat. At the bottom, we recommend travelling back on the North side of Loch Muich to the car park as it’s less frustrating than the South side .


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