Mount Keen

Route Map
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Meeting Place
Aboyne Car Park (marked as 'Primary Location' on above).
Or, Tarfside Car Park (marked as 'Tarfside' on above).

Trail Description
A good summers day ride - 34 miles and 1500m climbing. Start is a leg warming spin along Glen Tanar, emerging from the trees half way bringing Mount Keen into sight. One of the two hard climbs of the day then takes you up to the saddle to the right of Mt. Keen, giving a fantastic descent to Queen Vic's well. Dropping out of the valley the route takes you onto the road for a fast spin to Tarfside and the second big climb. 60 mins later you reach the top of the climb at the Firmouth/Fungle junction! A fast & sandy off camber descent then rapidly drops you down to Birse Castle before skipping back up and over to the famous Fungle single track. All down hill from here to the Deeside road, Aboyne and a good pint


Fitness Level

7hrs (normal pace)

34 miles